P a p e r b a c k s
b o o k s h o m e

Popelar (2010.02)
ISBN 978-4591115480 / 371pages / 620yen
Cover Art/ Yoshie
Set in a lake-side house in the city "Cherry Capital", a 13 year old Japanese boy, Shota, spends a summer befriending an eccentric but somewhat charming old lady, Molly.  Shota learns how life is filled with the joy of nature, and the pain of losing something important.

Sekai no hate no Reggae Bar
Reggae Bar at the End of the World
Futabasha (2008.11)
ISBN 978-4575512410 / 371pages / 700yen
Cover Art / Tomoso Nonaka
Footloose and fancy-free Japanese high school boy Koh moves to New York City when his father's job is relocated there. Through the wandering of the downtown city streets, and meeting people at a shady reggae bar, he begins to learn the meaning of freedom, as well as the weight of life on his shoulders.

Teen Age
Teen Age
Futabasha (2007.11)
ISBN 978-4575511680 / 293pages / 580yen
Cover Art / Tasuro Kiuchi
"Havana, Piano, and The Trail of the Light" is included in this anthology of vivid short stories that tell "slice of (teenage) life" stories by the seven female authors ; Hiromi Kawakami, Mitsuyo Kakuta, Rio Shimamoto, Maiko Seo, Chiya Fujino, Michiko Yazuki and Tomoso Nonaka.

14sai no Hondana
Bookshelf of 14 years old - Literature Collection
Shinchosha (2007.5)
ISBN 978-4-10-130953-8 / 381pages / 580yen
Cover Art / Tasuro Kiuchi
"The Brightest Roof in the Universe" is included in this Youth Novel Collection edited by Jiro Kitagami.
Included Authors; Yasunari Kawabata, Naoya Shiga, Kaho Nahiki, Hiroyuki Itsuki, Shungiku Uchida, Toshiyuki Tajima, Ayako Miura, Teru Miyamoto, Eto Mori, Tomoso Nonaka and Hisashi Inoue

Flagler no kaijyo tetsudo
Flagler's Folly
Shueisha (2006.9)
ISBN 4-08-746080-0 / 340pages / 600yen
Cover Art / Tomoso Nonaka
The overseas railroad "Flagler's Folly",  which connected Miami and Havana in 1930s, were forced to a tragic end in the historical Labor Day hurricane of 1935. But there are still remains --the memory of Japanese woman and her poor Cuban immigrant lover and their unrevealed secret inherited to her grandchild.

Uchu de ichiban akarui yane
The Brightest Roof in the Universe
Kasokawa Shoten (2006.7)
ISBN 4-04-381701-0 / 263pages / 580yen
Cover Art / Hisanori Yoshida
A blase teenage girl Tsubame meets the mysterious witch-like old woman on an empty rooftop of a building where she tranquilize the tiny irritations of life. With a slowly budding friendship, Tsubame's ordinary days become filled with both painful and joyful episodes.

Pan no naru umi, hi no mau sora
The Sea of Pan, The Sky of Scarlet
Shueisha (2004.10)
ISBN 4-08-7477487 / 214pages / 480yen
Cover Art / Tomoso Nonaka
Received the 11th SHOSETSU SUBARU Literature Award.
"Well described the scenery and craze of the tropics, as well as the sound of the music, that is difficult to translate into words, was brilliantly expressed. (Seiko Tanabe, Author and Akutagawa Award winner)