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NEWS 2011 - 2008

Media Release Publisher / Manufacture Contents
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Niigata Daily, Yamanashi Daily 8/28Newspaper Book review for "Presley in the Duck..."
Asta Sep 2011 8/5Poplar Publishing Serial Novel "Uminariya Orchestra" Vol.4
Mina Sep 2011 7/20Shufu no Tomo Publishing Book review for "Presley in the Duck..."
Asta Aug 2011 7/5Poplar Publishing Serial Novel "Uminariya Orchestra" Vol.3
Weekly NY Life Paper 7/2NY Seikatsu Press Featuring book review for "Presley in the Duck..."
Presley in the Duck Flying Sky 6/17Rironsha Novel
Nioi-mori 6/17Shueisha Short story
Asta Jul 2011 6/5Poplar Publishing Serial Novel "Uminariya Orchestra" Vol.2
Asta Jun 2011 5/5Poplar Publishing Serial Novel "Uminariya Orchestra" Vol.1
Revival & Survival Bookstore 4/27Revival & Survival Bookstore Poetry for "Words and Bond" (Charity)
Revival & Survival Bookstore 4/15Revival & Survival Bookstore Online book sale for Japan earthquake charity
Croissant 2/25 2/10Magazine House Interview on "Kimono Time"
2 0 1 0
Croissant Magazine 8/10Magazine House Music review and essay on Roberto fonseca
Interpretation for paperback 6/1Shinchosha Publishing Interpretation for "Sankaku Kankei" Rui Kodemari
PHP Magazine 5/10PHP Publising Essay "Lazy way to deal with the depression"
Hon no Zasshi May Issue 4/13Hon no Zasshi sha 2010 My prospective work
Croissant Magazine 2/25Magazine House Essay "Brag about my sickness"
Cherry 2/5Poplar Publishing Novel, Paperback
2 0 0 9
Talk Session 11/20JaNet Public Talk session in New York Japanese professional exchange
Qui!La!La! Dec 2009 11/19Shogakukan Interview on new work
Shosetsu Gendai Nov.Issue 10/22Kodansha Interview on "Looking for the story"
Hon no Mado 10/20Shogakukan Interview on "Pishan, the Waterdrop"
Mina Nov.Issue 10/20Shufunotomo Publishing Book review "Inu no Unaji"
NY Japion 10/16Trend Pot NY Interview on newspaper
Yurin Vol.503 10/15Yurindo Bookstore Interview on "Author and work"
Orange Page 10/2Orange Page Book review "Inu no Unaji"
Shosetsu Hoseki 9/20Kobunsha Publishing Book review "Inu no Unaji"
Daily Sun NY 9/17Daily World Press Book review "Inu no Unaji"
An An Vol.1676 9/16Magazine House Book review "Inu no Unaji"
PHP Special 9/10PHP Publishing Essay "Your change for what?"
Pishan, the Waterdrop 9/7Shogakukan Novel, Hardcover
Shosetsu Suiri Aug 2009 8/27Futabasha Publishing Book review "Inu no Unaji"
Weekly NY Seikatsu 8/21NY Seikatsu Press Essay "Inu no Unaji"
Inu no Unaji 8/20Futabasha Publishing Novel, Hardcover
Hokkaido Newspaper 4/19Hokkaido Newspaper Book review for "The Dragon Can't Dance" by Earl Lovelace
Hon no Zasshi May 2009 4/8Hon no Zasshi-sha "2009 My Prospective Work!" (Author's questionnaire)
Skyward Mar 2009 3/1JAL Brand Communication Travel essay for JAL In-flight Magazine "Trinidad & Tobago - Island for music of Steel Pan"
Lingkaran Special Issue5 for Interior 1/15Sony Magazines Article for "Recycling Style Interior in NY"
Shiseido Desktop Calendar 2009 2009-Shiseido Original Artwork for Calendar "Message of Time"
2 0 0 8
Qui!La!La! Jan 2009 12/20Shogakukan Pishan, the Waterdrop Vol.8
Qui!La!La! Dec 2008 11/20Shogakukan Pishan, the Waterdrop Vol.7
Shosetsu Subaru Dec 2008 11/17Shueisha Short story "Catching the Kite"
Reggae Bar at the End of World 11/13Futabasha Paperback
Qui!La!La! Nov 2008 10/20Shogakukan Pishan, the Waterdrop Vol.6
Qui!La!La! Oct 2008 9/20Shogakukan Pishan, the Waterdrop Vol.5
Qui!La!La! Sep 2008 8/20Shogakukan Pishan, the Waterdrop Vol.4
Qui!La!La! Aug 2008 7/20Shogakukan Pishan, the Waterdrop Vol.3
Odoriba Kingyo 7/25MayaBooks in Korean Translation
Dental Diamond Magazine 6/28Dental Diamond Publisher Essay "Looking for the Teeth God"
Qui!La!La! Jul 2008 6/20Shogakukan Pishan, the Waterdrop Vol.2
Shosetsu Subaru Jul 2008 6/17Shueisha Essay "My Favorite Sensual Books"
Qui!La!La! Jun 2008 5/20Shogakukan Pishan, the Waterdrop Vol.1
Hiromasa Suzuki CD 3/18CD Baby Liner note for CD " From Where I am"
Kyoto University of Art & Design 5/15Kyoto University of Art & Design Guest Lecture for Creative writing by Ryoichi Niimoto
Hon no Zasshi May 2008 4/10Hon no Zasshi-sha "2008 My New Work!" (Author's questionnaire)