Illustrated Books
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These pictorial essays were made during the years of 1994 to 1996. I wandered around everywhere from New York City to New Mexico to the Caribbean with my camera and sketchbook. There were many work; I wrote and illustrated my books as well as design them; from page layout to the cover idea. Honestly, I am not sure that I can do the same job in a same period of time for now... But it was truly fun to take care of every creative steps by my own hands, and now I feel like these easygoing, happy-go-lucky books are my babies :-)

New York Street Sketches Travel Journal (Nov 1994) / 1800yen
New York Machikado Sketch ISBN 9784895593175

There are thousands of travel guide books about New York City on the market, so people don't need to hear any more about climbing the Empire State Building or prices at Moma. Such well known tourist stops, although impressive, are only part of what New York City has to offer. Beyond the tourist buzz and bustling surface of the city lie many unexpected treasures. Many believe that the "true" New York lies in the beautiful mosaic street art, quaint antique stores and funky boutiques that are tucked around every corner of the city, waiting to be discovered!
I have chosen some favorite images from my wanderings through the city, and expressed these through watercolor paintings and lyrical short essays.
I have tried to capture the warmth and beauty that exist in the city if you take the time to look and discover.....
( Chinese translation available)
The character of Greenwich Village / Looking for green in the city / From church to church need for religion / The harmony of colors in Harlem / Russian food paradise in Brighton Beach / Surprise concert on the street / The nostalgy of American diner / Have you seen the Mosaic man?/ and many more.....

New York Antique Stories Tokyo Shoseki (Oct 1995) / 1700yen
New York Antique Monogatari ISBN 9784487792283

This is not a book for serious antique collectors. In my view, what makes antique objects meaningful and special is that each has a story.
I love to imagine what an antique has gone through in its life.
Who used it ?
Where was it kept, and how was it loved?
It is not fancy or delicate objects that appeal to me, rather, I am most drawn to items that are simple, functional, and can be held.
For this book, I chose antique objects that struck me as having their own unique stories.
I use watercolor paintings, personal accounts that I heard along the way, as well as a bit of history to give a sense of these objects and the world from which they came.
( Chinese translation available )
Antique show on the pier / Who is Mr.Tiffany? / The tale of cup and saucer / Aunt Gemima's cookie jar / Old radio days / Needle work of memories / Shaker design, the beauty of simplicity / Victorian home in New Jersey / The true western cowgirl / Unchanging life of Amish / Fork art of the Pennsylvania Dutch /
and many more...

Caribbean Siesta Sketches Tokyo Shoseki (Aug 1996) / 1700yen
Caribukai Ohirune Sketch ISBN 9784487792788

After making of two books about New York, which are filled with light and pale colors of the city view, I missed vividness and brightness in my way of expression. 
So I jumped on the airplane, flew to the Caribbean, to encounter its original and brilliant culture. This is not a  handy travel guide book that tells you " Where to stay " or " Where to eat ", but it contains a unique and impressionistic view of the islands other "all-inclusive" hotel guests would have never seen....
My work focuses on topics such as island's original music like Reggae in Jamaica or Calypso in Trinidad, their cultural background, fascinating discoveries of wild life, varied tastes of ethnic food, and lovely encounter in friendly neighborhoods.
In addition, a visit of beautiful chaos of Carnival season in Trinidad & Tobago inspired me to write my first novel (a dramatic love story, which was unfortunately never occurred to me during the trip), and  even brought me a great gift - a literary prize!
Jamaica ; Cheerful pirates in Kingston / Rhythm of Port Antonio /
Martinique; Memory of a boy in Martinique / The ballet Martiniquais / Fort de France-A day in sleepy town
Puerto Rico ; Left behind in San Juan /
Trinidad & Tobago ; Island with sound of steel drum / Scarlet ibis in the sunset / Jump up with Calypso & Soca / Endless carnival in Trinidad / and many more.....